Here’s a peek to my foreplay repertoire

Foreplay can be as much as pleasurable as the sexual act itself. Besides being a trigger to sex — as it increases the sexual tension -, foreplay warms up the bodies and connects the minds. Consequently, it improves the quality (and even duration) of the orgasms.

This 2017 study concluded that “women were more likely to orgasm if their last sexual encounter included deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, and/or oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse”.

Besides the physical pleasure, foreplay it’s an excellent way for you to let go of your thoughts and worries; it helps you to be…

My alphabet of fantasies and kinky pleasures

Since I discovered and embraced my true sexual self, I’ve been exploring my sexuality in a completely different way.

Before, I was a vanilla woman. My sex life was good. Yet, it was incomplete. There was an intensity I wanted to feel, but I wasn’t sure how I’d get it. I knew there were more sensations to explore.

The hunger that remained after sex (and often, during), wasn’t supposed to happen.

When I started dating Mr P., I finally discovered what I was missing all those years: I’m a kinkster. I’ve always been; I just didn’t know. That’s why I…

My first time rimming someone was spectacular

I’m a pleaser in bed: seeing my lover contorting in pleasure is one of the best stimuli I have, so I always aim to give him the type of pleasure he loves the most. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I never thought twice about giving Mr P. anilingus (commonly known as rimming.) Before him, I’ve never done it to anyone; he was the first man I ever did anal play with. I won’t waste my time in overthinking why I never explored this type of pleasure before. But really, why not!?

When we started having sex, I knew…

There are many parts of the body besides the clit to use a bullet vibrator

Sex toys are a great addition to sex. Vibrating ones, in particular, are wonderful for vulva owners, as our major centre of pleasure is the clitoris - which reacts deliciously to vibration.

When starting a sex toys collection, many of us start with a vibrator.

But there’s a little guy in the market that is perfect, especially for beginners. It’s a small and not at all intimidating toy, very simple to use; perfect to start exploring the pleasures your body can experience.

Despite the bullet vibrator is incredible for clit stimulation, its contribution to pleasure can go much further than…

The testicles are an erogenous area, and they crave attention. Use these sex positions to have a great play with them.

I’m a balls gal. I love everything about them (yes, even how they look.)

Not only I give lots of love to my partner’s balls during foreplay and sex, but also when we’re kinky playing and when we’re snuggled on the sofa — often the resting place for my hands. Not advisable when we’re watching action or suspense movies, I’ve been told.

There are many ways how you can deliver the balls amazing pleasure, and there will be things that will help you make it even better, like the position you and your partner are in.

If you're not a…

Sharing your life with a partner shouldn’t mean losing your alone time.

Among our many similarities, my partner and I have in common the trait of valuing alone time. We started dating a year ago and for the last six months, we adopted a “part-time living together” system. So far, it has been working wonderfully. Our norm is to spend at least half of the week together, usually in his house.

But now we consider changing our dynamic: we’re thinking about moving in together full time.

Fully merging our lives is a big step, and we are starting to talk it through. …

There’s much more to kissing than physical pleasure.

Kissing is an act filled with meaning. When two lovers kiss, it goes beyond two lips meeting: the emotions and the meanings each kiss holds are deeper than the physical connection.

Why do we kiss?

We kiss with distinct intentions, depending on who and why we’re kissing.

You will kiss your parents or your child with different emotions than when you kiss your partner.

When you kiss someone — regardless of who they are to you — you do it as a greeting, an apology, a gesture of “I missed you”, as an act of tenderness, love or passion.

Kissing might be the most…

Saying no to things your partner asks doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker

Sexual compatibility is extremely important in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean you must be completely on the same page as your partner.

My partner and I are sexually very compatible. We are into the same kinks; we enjoy the same sex performance style — trying different positions during sex; intercalating kinky sex with devoted, slow sex sessions; using sex toys, among other things.

Still, there are things about our sexuality that aren’t a “perfect match” and we’re fine with that.

Communication is the key

I’m an advocate for open communication between a couple.

Not only sexual communication, but couples openly talking about any…

What are anal beads, and how can they improve your sexual experience.

For those who enjoy the pleasures of anal play, the anal beads are an indispensable toy to have in their sex toy collection.

If you never tried them, and you like to have your anal area internally stimulated, the anal beads are for you, as they add new sensations to your sexual experience and will enhance your orgasm.

And fear not my friend, if anal play is something new to you, you can start small and slow.

The anus has countless nerve endings, it’s an extremely sensitive area. …

Experience and maturity make us better lovers. But ownership beats it all.

I’m a better lover than I was a decade ago. Even a better one than I was two decades ago.

I can't put it all on age, I’m sure there are young women and men out there that are extraordinary in sex. I wasn’t.

I was a sweet, devoted lover; eager to give and to receive pleasure. But I was shy, I had mental restrains, and I didn’t allow myself to follow my instincts.

You see, I spent my adulthood having the sex I thought I should be having, not the one I was craving to have.

Don’t get me…

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