A list of my best performing sex pieces

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This list is updated regularly

Here are my TOP TEN stories

#1 Foreplay activities that make my sex life better

I love that this story firmly holds the best performance award. It’s about my own experience and pleasures; it’s amazing to see how it echoed with so many writers. Thank you all.

#2 I surprised my lover with rimming

Since the day I published this piece (august.20) it became my best performance one, only losing its status for the above. I never thought that it would perform so well, but I’m glad it did; I love to write about my first-times!

#3 4 Foreplay activities that aren’t sexual but are super arousing

I’m so glad to have two pieces on foreplay as my best performers! I value…

If you’re quiet during sex because you’re repressing yourself, this piece is for you

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Not everybody enjoys talking during sex or to express their desires, but many would like to become less contained — to be more expressive in bed.

I was one of those people: I wanted to tell my partners to spank or finger me in that exact moment, or to tell them their hard cock was making me crazy hunger for them. But I wouldn’t; I kept silent, only expressing my desires and feelings inside my head.

I knew sex would be more fun and explorative if I had the courage to open my mouth and let my ideas, desires, and…

Discover if you are sabotaging your sexual happiness

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All my adulthood, I had satisfactory sex. I had fun and pleasure, and orgasming was never a problem, yet I always felt I could (should) get more from sex. Exactly what, I didn’t know. And, worst, I didn’t try to find out.

I’m still mad at myself for having waited so many years to shift from “good sex” to “fucking incredible sex.”

I was settled on my old sexual me; I didn’t want to potentially disturb my partners by telling them I wanted something different from sex or that I had a hunger to explore. That I wanted to feel…

You can be one too!

Image by 3220633 from Pixabay

Sexually, I’m a very different person than I was a decade ago. It never happened to me leaving a partner unsatisfied, but I’m sure I’m wasn’t a memorable fuck. But that changed.

Sexually, maturity and experience did a lot for me, but what made me be a sex beast (a lover once called me that and it made me proud as fuck!) goes beyond that.

Of course, the sexual experience relies not only on me — chemistry, my partner’s “performance” and the surroundings will also affect the moment. …

On what determines good sex vs bad sex

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

The definition of what constitutes “good sex” varies from person to person, but I’m sure there are things many of us agree to make all the difference when having sex.

For me, good sex goes beyond sex positions or the duration of the act, although those things are important.

I love to vary sex positions, so if I’d have to have sex always in the same — even if in one of my favourites — I wouldn't be happy. The same goes if sex always lasted a couple of minutes or went on as a marathon. …

I’m using them myself and the results have been spectacular.

Image by Fernando Gimenez from Pixabay

I consider myself to be a sexually empowered woman, but it wasn’t always the case, much the opposite.

Apart from two dry spells I had in different phases of my life, I was always sexually active. But when I ask myself if the sex I had was always the one I desired, the answer is a clear no.

I’m a genuine case of a person who, for years, sabotaged her sexual happiness.

There are several reasons why this happened, being the main ones I wasn’t able to ask for what I wanted, and I didn’t know what I truly desired…

You can’t have a fulfilled sex life if you lie about your pleasure.

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

I never faked an orgasm. Not with my partner, my ex-husband; not in casual fucks, with boyfriends or friends with benefits. It never made sense to lie about it.

For me, faking orgasms is to reduce sex to the climax point.

Of course, orgasms matter and for sure I “chase” them, but they’re not my main goal — pleasure and fun are. And if I’m having sex with someone I love, the connection it promotes it’s also a big part of my overall sexual satisfaction.

I’ve had sex where I had intense orgasms, but the sex wasn’t as pleasurable and…

I had an incredible introduction to the swingers lifestyle

Photo by Shazmyn Ali on Unsplash

Last December I made a sex wishlist for the new year, and one item was to go to a swingers’ club. Not necessarily to have sex, but, as a starter, to feel the dynamics, to see how people interact and, of course, to access how I’d feel and go from there.

A couple of weeks ago, my partner, Mr P., and I booked a kinky event — our first one together and my first one ever. I was thrilled it was finally happening. Last weekend, we went to a fetish market.

This was perfect for me; it was a very…

I embodied a character and the roleplaying fuck was unforgettable

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Roleplaying has been on my sex wishlist for a while. It took me a long time to do it, mostly because I wanted to feel confident about it.

For the last year, I’ve been experimenting with my sex life in a way I could never do. You see, I was as vanilla as one can be in her sexuality. Although I had cravings I didn’t understand, I never had the courage to question them and even less to pursuit them.

It was when I started dating my partner (Mr P.) that I found out my true sexual self: I’m a…

I lost too much time depriving myself of sexual pleasures. That ends now.

Image by ParallelVision from Pixabay

Last year, I made serious decisions about my sex life. The overall goal was to take it to its full potential — not only seeking orgasmic pleasures but also exploring everything that’s “out there”. But for that to happen, I’d have to reach several milestones.

After started dating Mr P. last year, I began my sexual revolution. To be fair to myself, it started way before, but it was with him I discovered my true sexual self: I’m a kinkster.

Since my revelation, I was introduced to Power play, I’ve created BDSM scenes (both as submissive and Dominator), I had…

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